About Us

B.H. Ladwa Ltd is a private limited company rooted in the construction industry with more than 25 years of experience in the building and civil engineering sector.

Within 10 years, the Contractors Registration Board of Tanzania had elevated the company’s status by awarding it as a Class 1 Building Contractor. In these years, the company has expanded its trade hence focusing on various aspects in the construction world.

With numerous sister companies each with its specific role in the business, B H Ladwa Ltd proves to be a company with a vast knowledge in all the corners of the industry. With mounting achievements through discipline workmanship and consistent quality results; the company proclaims a valuable recognition in Tanzania.

Our target is to bring quality into the Construction Industry by focusing on development and research by using latest and effective methods in construction and investing on the most effective, efficient and evident technology.

We aim to expand and develop our methods of construction in order to meet the demands of our clients with low prices and quality work.

We aim to expand not only in Tanzania but all over East Africa and gain a valuable recognition for our services. We are always thriving for quality in our work and satisfying our customers as these ideologies are the key to our success.

Our Values

Customer and employee satisfaction is the key to progression and growth of any company.

Providing the best quality of work by investing in the latest technological machines.

Advancing to a more capital-intensive construction company, which will benefit our customers with less time to complete projects as well as increase in quality of work.

Employee satisfaction by providing fringe benefits and attractive salaries in order to boom the efficiency within the company itself.

Internal strength in order to produce the best work.

Key Focus

B H Ladwa Ltd performs all tasks related to buildings including new houses building, warehouses, housing estates, hotels, renovation works and many more.

BH Ladwa Ltd performs all civil works which includes; unpaved roads, repair for paved roads Box culverts, small bridges and drainage systems etc.

BH Ladwa Ltd performs all civil works which includes; unpaved roads, repair for paved roads Box culverts, small bridges and drainage systems etc.

Growth & Expansion

The last 2 decades; have seen the company not only focusing on mere construction but construction related businesses. the owners have formed sister companies and partnerships in order to develop the construction industries. investing in the importation of foreign materials, trade of hardware products, plastic and wire related manufacturing, distribution, concrete mixing, real estate, construction of low cost pre-fabricated housing and go down renting.

Suppliers & Customers

The company enjoys international business relations and good will with both international and local suppliers and customers. it procures machinery and building products from countries like Germany, Dubai, India, China and Kenya.

it’s customers are spread locally within Tanzania, and also some regions within Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia.

Other Focuses

The company has also spread its focus to other various businesses, These Include:-

 Apartment Renting

Mainly focused in Dar es salaam, the shareholders have formed separate companies and partnerships to run the business and provide cheap flats with extra service.

 Go-down Renting

Monthly rents and yearly takeovers, BH Ladwa Ltd provides strong and huge go-downs for companies to store their products in fine location

 Concrete blocks

Located in Morogoro, the company provides mass production of concrete blocks of various designs for contractors and companies for construction work.

 Industrial Expansion

Shareholders have formed separate companies for industrial expansion like manufacturing of plastic products, nails, weld mesh, expanding metal, barbed wires, chain like fences etc.

 Importation of Building Materials

Shareholders have also formed separate companies for importation of building materials and local trading of those materials, the company has been awarded in top 100 mid-sized companies in Tanzania

 Expansion In Other Countries

Company has also started to expand its group business in other countries in East Africa i.e Uganda

Our Team


Chairman & Managing Director

B.H Ladwa Ltd is the sole creation of its founder, Mr Bharat Ladwa who started the company with meagre resources. through sheer deication, focus and hard work, bharat Ladwa steered the comapny towards success and expansion that it currently enjoys boasting over 30 years work experience in building and construction sector.

Duties & Responsibilities: supervision of BH Ladwa Ltd and the entire sister companies, financial advisor and head of finance for all the companies


Director Of Projects

Qualified by the Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology (DIT), Praful Hemraj Ladwa has worked with several civil engineering and construction companies abroad to gain relevant practical work experience, before joining the family business.

Not only he managed numerous construction projects in Dar es Salaam, but he has also handled projects in various regions in Tanzania for the past 26 years.

Duties & Responsibilities: Recruitment and supervision of engineering staff, overseeing all construction and engineering projects, liaison with civil engineers, quantity surveyors and legal and regulatory bodies


Director Of Projects

Harish Hemraj Ladwa holds a diploma in Civil Engineering from the Hammersmith and West London college – London, United Kingdom. He posses over 20 years work experience as head of building projects in Morogoro district and various regions within the country.

Mr. Harish Hemraj also manages the plastic and wire manufacturing plants in Morogoro and imports international Limited in Dar es Salaam.

Duties & Responsibilities: Overall administration in man power, construction equipment, and material for all projects.